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“ABANDON SHIP!” The Saga of the USS Indianapolis, the Navy’s Greatest Sea Disaster. By Richard F. Newcomb. True World War II story of the 1945 sinking of the American cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35). 1960 Paperback edition, no photos. Fair + + + Cond. — $4.77


“BATTLE In The ENGLISH CHANNEL” By Theodore Taylor. Mighty German war ships Scharnhort, Gneisenau and the Prinz Eugen make a daring run through the English Channel in December 1941… right under the nose of the British. Maps and an index. 1983 Paperback. Good + Cond. — $9.99


“The BATTLE For LEYTE GULF” By C. Vann Woodward. The greatest naval battle of the Second World War and the largest engagement ever fought on the high seas. For the Japanese the battle represented the supreme naval effort of the war. 1947 Paperback edition. No photos. Fair + Cond. — $3.99


“The BATTLE Off MIDWAY ISLAND” By Theodore Taylor. June 1942. Fresh from their victory at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese turn their efforts toward the small Pacific Island named “Midway.” This time the out-gunned American’s are ready! Maps and index, no photos. 1981 Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. — $9.99


“The BATTLE Of The TORPEDO BOATS” By Bryan Cooper. True and exciting story of American PT Boat action in World War II. From the Pacific and European theaters. Black and white photos and maps. Paperback edition. Sorry, sold out!


“CLOSING The CIRCLE” War in the Pacific, 1945. By Edwin P. Hoyt. A behind-the-scenes look at the military and political moves that brought the Japanese to final surrender (in 1945). 23 black and white photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $5.00


“The CRUEL SEA” By Nicholas Monsarrat. (Fiction) The Battle of the Atlantic in World War II. Here is the mortal fury of war fought with guts and wits by men who protected the dangerous sea corridors against Nazi U-boats in those grueling years. No photos. 1988 Paperback. Good Cond. — $6.88


“DESTROYER ESCORTS Of WORLD WAR TWO” By Thomas Walkowiak. Impressive technical and photographic history America’s Destroyer Escorts in World War II. Packed full of photos and diagrams. New Softbound. NEW — $9.95


“DEVIL BOATS” The PT War Against Japan. By William Breuer. The PT boat was a motor torpedo boat used by the United States Navy during World War II. Against Japan, they figure prominently in some of the best-known feats of heroism of the entire Pacific war. Paperback. Good Cond. — $7.88


“EAGLE AGAINST The SUN” The American War with Japan. By Ronald H. Spector. The American war in the Pacific versus Japan, now told using newly declassified intelligence information from all sides. Photos. Hardback with dust jacket. Fair + + + Cond. — $7.88


“FATAL VOYAGE” The sinking of the USS Indianapolis. By Dan Kurzman. True and tragic story of the sinking of the American cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) by the Japanese submarine I-58 in (July 1945) World War II. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $10.00


“FLAGS Of Our FATHERS” By James Bradley with Ron Powers. The authors follow the lives of the six famous American’s who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi in 1945. Black and white photos, maps. Hardback edition with dust jacket. Fair + + + Cond. — $9.75


“The FINAL VOYAGE Of The S.S.N. SKATE” By Stephen Cassell (Fiction). The “leper” of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, SSN-578 nuclear attack submarine Skate’s final mission—to take on the Soviet Navy. Paperback edition Fair + + + Cond. — $3.99


“The GOLDEN U-BOAT” By Richard P. Henrick. (Fiction). Fifty years after the end of WWII, a fugitive “SS” officer has salvaged a deadly cargo from a sunken U-boat in an attempt to resurrect the Third Reich. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $4.88


“GRAND FINALE” By Halsey Clark. (Fiction) Fourth in the book series called “Periscope!” The final days of the Pacific war was a time of trial for the closely-bonded men of the Silent Service. A top-secret mission submarine into the Sea of Japan. 1983 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $7.00


“The GREATEST GENERATION” By Tom Brokaw. A magnificent testament to a nation and her people, extraordinary stories of a generation that gave new meaning to courage, sacrifice and honor in World War II. Black and white photos. 1998 Hardback edition w/ DJ. Good Cond. — $9.88


“The GREATEST RAID Of ALL” By C. E. Lucas Phillips. An old American destroyer rebuilt on German lines, then crammed with explosives, bound for the coast of France to destroy the lair of the German battleship, Tirpitz. A true World War II mission! Paperback edition.  Sorry, sold out!


“The HUNT For RED OCTOBER” By Tom Clancy (Fiction). Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. The Americans want her. Paperback. Very Good Cond. — $4.00


“ICE STATION ZEBRA” By Alistair MacLean. (Fiction) The USS Dolphin, the pride of America’s nuclear submarine fleet, is sent on a daring rescue mission during the Cold War. Dolphin must sail beneath the ice-floes of the Arctic Ocean to “Ice Station Zebra.” New Paperback. NEW — $9.95


“IWO JIMA” By Richard F. Newcomb. World War II’s bloodiest, most glorious Marine invasion. Some 5,000 American’s and about 20,000 Japanese defenders lost their life during this 1945 battle. Black and white photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $6.99


“IWO JIMA” Legacy Of Valor. By Bill D. Ross. World War II Marine sergeant tells the historic story of the epic battle for the Pacific island of Iwo Jima. Some 5,000 American’s and about 20,000 Japanese defenders lost their life during this 1945 battle. B/W photos. Softbound edition. Fair + + Cond. — $5.88


“KLEBER’S CONVOY” By Antony Trew. (Fiction) Through the freezing storms of the North Atlantic steams a large Allied convoy headed for England. Stalking the formation is a German wolfpack consisting of fifteen U-boats. The stage was set for a North Atlantic show-down. 1973 Paperback. Good + Cond. — $5.00


“The LAST LIEUTENANT” By John J. Gobbell. (Fiction) Under a barrage of artillery, brilliant U.S. cryptographers crack the top-secret Japanese code revealing their plans for a doomsday attack on Midway Island. The Navy responds mobilizing all they have to counter-attack. Paperback. Good + + + Cond. — $5.88


“LUSITANIA” By David Butler. (Fiction) A fact-based novel dealing with the sinking of the famous British passenger liner, RMS Lusitania. May 1915, German Commander Schwieger’s U-20 stumbles upon the Lusitania and sinks the massive liner with a perfect torpedo shot. Paperback. Fair + + Cond. — $3.95


“MEDITERRANEAN MANEUVER” By Robert J. Szilagye and Stanley C. Monroe. (Fiction) Threshold—a secret weapon so powerful it could paralyze a nation’s warning system, leaving it vulnerable to nuclear strike. The Russians had it, and the American’s wanted it. Paperback. Sale priced Good Cond. — $3.95


“NAVY – Battle Stations” By Roger Jewett (Fiction). Pearl Harbor, Midway, The Solomons, Leyte Gulf, Okinawa. On the sea, underwater, in the air. The first novel in the series. The U.S. Navy in action. Paperback edition. Good Cond. – $4.99


“NOT THINKING Of DEATH” By Alexander Fullerton (Fiction). Based loosely on historical facts, the tragic loss of the H.H. Submarine Thetis in Liverpool Bay in 1939. No photos or maps. Paperback edition. Like New Cond. — $6.95


“The PACIFIC CAMPAIGN” The U.S. – Japanese Naval War 1941-1945. By Dan van der Vat. A comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the Pacific war. Its all here in one volume. Black and white photos and maps. Softbound edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $5.99


“PEARL HARBOR” By Randall Wallace. (Fiction) It was the end of innocence and the dawn of America’s greatest glory. World War II was brought to America with the attack on December 7, 1941. The book that became the major motion picture “Pearl Harbor.” Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. — $3.95


“PEARL HARBOR FINAL JUDGEMENT” By Henry C. Clausen and Bruce Lee. In 1944, Secretary of War Stimson selected Clausen to investigate the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Many historic photos. 1992 Hardback with dust jacket. Good Cond. — $9.95


“POSEIDON’s SHADOW” By A.P. Kobryn. (Fiction) The U.S. ballistic missile submarine USS Adresteia, glides toward the icy waters off Soviet Siberia. Refusing to follow secret orders, her captain has reached an agonized decision. 1980 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $4.99


“The PRIDE And The ANGUISH” The Last Days of Singapore. By Douglas Reeman. (Fiction) In 1940, they called it the “Gibraltar of the Far East”—a British rock that could not be taken. But suddenly, in a lightning blow, Singapore is defeated by the Japanese. Paperback. Good Cond. — $3.99


“P.T. COMMANDER” By Eric Higgs. (Fiction) The big brass didn’t believe Lt. Buck Leander’s PT Boats would be worth a damn in naval combat. But following the Japanese attacked in December 1941, the untried PT Boats were all that was left of America’s Navy in the Philippines. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $4.99


“RESISTANCE ROAD Of IRON” By Gregory St. Germain. (Fiction) A World War II multinational terror team takes on the Nazi’s in Norway––a land of ice, snow and savage death. 1983 Paperback edition, 185 pages. No photos, maps or index. Good Cond.  — $5.88


“The RIGHT THING” By Commander Scott Waddle, USN (Ret.). With Ken Abraham. Commander Waddle was the skipper of the USS Greenville (SSN-772) in February 2001, when the nuclear sub collided with a Japanese fishing boat sinking the Ehime Maru. Color photos. Hardback w/ DJ. Good Cond. — $9.95


“The RUSSIAN CONVOYS” Heroes of the Murmansk run—Allied seamen who fought Stukas, Nazi subs and frozen Artic seas in WWII. By B. B. Schofield. The Murmansk Run, most dangerous of all sea routes in World War II. Black and white photos. 1967 Paperback. Sale priced Good Cond. — $9.95


“The SCOURGE Of SCAPA FLOW” By J. Farragut Jones. (Fiction) Third book in this series “The Silent Service.” Unterseeboot 47–Newest, deadliest U-boat in Admiral Doenitz’s German fleet, heads for Scapa Flow and the British battleship HMS Royal Oak. 1981 Paperback. Good Cond. — $9.88


“SEA LEOPARD” By Craig Thomas (Fiction). Set in the Cold War era, the deadliest submarine at sea now has the ultimate in defense technology: SEA LEOPARD, code name for a secret anti-sonar device. No photos. Paperback edition. Good + Cond. — $4.95


“SEND DOWN A DOVE” By Charles MacHardy. (Fiction) A nightmare voyage 100 feet below mine-infested waters as the HMS Scorpion fends off mutiny and the German enemy above. British World War II submarine action in the Atlantic. 1970 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $5.88


“SHARKS And LITTLE FISH” By Wolfgang Ott (Fiction). The stunning novel of World War II German U-boat action in the Atlantic. With relentless realism and force, the author exposes the terrible tension inside the submarine. Rare 1958 Hardback, NO dust jacket. Fair + + Cond. — $9.00


“SILENT DESCENT” By Dick Couch. (Fiction). In the frozen wastes of Russia, an American mole gathers proof of an illegal nuclear weapons trade. Now, she has disappeared. One submarine can get her out. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $3.95


“SPY SUB” A Top-Secret Mission to the Bottom of the Pacific. By Roger C. Dunham. True story of an American nuclear submarine’s desperate search for a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine (K-219) lost in the north Pacific. Black and white photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $3.99


“SUBMARINES At WAR” The History of the American Silent Service. By Edwin Hoyt. Complete history of American submarines from the present back to the American Revolution. Includes World War I and World War II. Black and white photos with maps. Paperback. Good Cond. — $10.00


“SUBMARINE!” By Commander Edward L. Beach USN. A thrilling and true account of war beneath the seas. Heroic crews and legendary submarines fighting in the Pacific during World War II. 1960 Paperback edition. Sale priced Fair + + + Cond. — $3.88


“SUBMARINE” A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship. By Tom Clancy. A rare glimpse inside a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine. Packed with exclusive photographs, illustrations and diagrams. Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $4.95


“SUBMARINE” The Ultimate Naval Weapon—Its Past, Present & Future. By Drew Middleton. The history of the submarine, from its early beginnings, through two world wars and into the atomic age. Photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $3.99


“SUBMARINE WARFARE” An Illustrated History. By Anthony Preston. The entire history of the submarine from the Civil War to nuclear subs of today. Packed with over 100 color and black and white photos! Hardback with dust jacket. Sale priced Fair + + + Cond. — $9.95


“The SUNSET PATRIOTS” By Charles D. Taylor. (Fiction) The U.S. sends their Seventh Fleet to Vladivostock for a New Year’s celebration with the Russians. An American admiral suspects something bigger is coming. No photos or maps. Paperback. Good Cond. — $3.88


“TAKE HER DEEP!” A Submarine Against Japan in World War II. By Admiral Galantin, USN (Ret.). American submarine USS Halibut (SS-232) in true and exciting Pacific World War II action. Black and white photos and USS Halibut crew roster. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $9.95


“THEY FOUGHT UNDER THE SEA” By Navy Times. This book follows the development of the submarine as a tactical weapon, starting with America’s first sub, the Holland. Each chapter deals with a different submarine. WW I, WW II and beyond. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $4.99


“TOKYO TORPEDO” Run to the Rising Sun! By Edwyn Gray (Fiction). 1943: Suffering crippling losses on many fronts, Germany looks to Japan for her most secret weapon and sends U-885 into the Pacific. No photos. 1977 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $5.99


“TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER The SEA” By Jules Verne (Fiction). Before submarines were invented, they were imagined. Jules Verne created the fictional submarine Nautilus for this classic novel. No photos. Paperback. Fair + + Cond. — $3.95


“The TWO-OCEAN WAR” The Definitive Short History of the United States Navy in World War II. By Samuel Eliot Morison. The greatest naval force in history was assembled by the United States to fight a global war at sea during World War II. Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. — $3.88


“U-BOATS At WAR” By Harald Busch. The true story of Germany’s top U-boat commanders of World War II. Written by a former German officer, attached to the U-boat branch of the Kriegsmarine. Includes an appendix, no photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond — $9.99


“U-BOATS OFFSHORE” When Hitler Struck America. By Edwin P. Hoyt. 1942, German U-boat’s execute “Operation Drumbeat” sinking ships off America’s East Coast. The heroic story of courageous Americans who waged a relentless fight. Photos. Paperback. Sale priced Fair + + Cond. — $7.99


“UNDER The FREEZE” By George Bartram. (Fiction). A madman enters the International terror game and he owns enough plutonium to incinerate the globe. An American agent is called in for help. No photos or maps. Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. — $3.95


“WAKE ISLAND” A Gripping Story of Disaster And Heroism. By Duane Schultz. On the same day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they also began a savage assault on tiny Wake Island. For 14 days, a small contingent of Marines battled against overwhelming odds. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. — $9.95


“WAR In The BOATS” By Captain William J. Ruhe, USN (Ret.), with a foreword by Tom Clancy. The author tells of his dangerous World War II submarine duty in the Pacific. He saw action from the S-37 (SS-142), USS Seadragon (SS-194) and the USS Crevalle (SS-291). New Softbound. edition. Sorry, sold out!


“WAR UNDER The WAVES” By Fred Warshofsky. True story’s about famous submarines: Germany’s U-47, America’s S-38. Commander Gilmore with USS Growler (SS-215). USS Harder’s (SS-257) Sam Dealey. Britain’s E-11 in World War I and much more. Paperback. Fair + + Cond. — $8.99


“WATERS DARK And DEEP” By J. Farragut Jones (Fiction). First book in the series “The Silent Service.” A gripping saga of World War II–the submarines and the brave men who risked their lives beneath the sea. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $9.88


“The WOTAN WAR-HEAD” By James Follett (Fiction). A World War II German U-boat commander heads out to sea with a new type of torpedo. The U-700 carries a magnetic fish armed with the “Wotan War-Head.” Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $5.95


“The X-CRAFT RAID” By Thomas Gallagher. True World War II story of the British X-craft, midget submarine sent on a top-secret mission to sink the mighty German battleship Tirpitz. Maps and index. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $9.95


“I get really excited when I plan some time alone with a good book” – Steven Aitchison


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