Dardanelles Patrol – By Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter





“DARDANELLES PATROL” The Incredible Story of the E.11. By Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter. The HMS E.11 was an E-class submarine of the Royal Navy, launched in April 1914. E.11 was one of the most successful submarines in action during the 1915 naval operations in the Dardanelles Campaign, sinking over 80 enemy vessels of all sizes in three tours of the Sea of Marmara. This is one of the most exciting submarine stories ever written – a story of great courage against considerable odds. The E.11 was to be the spearhead of a top-secret World War I mission.  The sub commander, Lieutenant Commander Martin Nasmith, and his crew guided their submarine against combined hazards of mines, nets, shore-based guns, patrol-craft, destroyers, search-lights and more. 1983 Paperback edition, 159 pages, 5 maps, no photos or index.

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