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pixel - In The Course Of Duty - By Don Keith“In The COURSE Of DUTY” The Heroic Mission of the USS Batfish. By Don Keith. In the waning days of World War II, the Japanese High Command realized that the tide had turned against them—but they were determined to fight to the last. In February 1945, the Imperial Japanese Navy sent four submarines on a secret mission to the Philippines to recover all the resources they could. To intercept them, an American submarine wolf pack was sent to the waters north of the Philippines. On a pitch-black night at sea, the USS Batfish (SS-310)—a fleet sub helmed by Commander John “Jake” Fyfe—engaged a Japanese sub. But in the ensuing skirmish, an armed torpedo lodged in the Batfish’s tube. Thus began one of the greatest displays of courage in the annals of submarine warfare. With the enemy alerted to their presence, and their own torpedo threatening to destroy them, the crew of Batfish entered onto a seventy-two-hour sea battle that tested the limits of their mettle. In an astonishing display of skill, fortitude, and mariner’s luck, the Batfish not only survived, it dominated—destroying a record-breaking three enemy submarines in a single patrol. Based upon never-before-heard first-person accounts and official documentation, this is the true story of the submarine, the skipper and the crew of USS Batfish and a testament of the bravery of those who endured hell under the waves in the name of their country and freedom. Softbound edition. 326 pages, 24 black and white photographs, an index, appendix and complete USS Batfish crew roster. This book is now out-of-print! Cover has some folds and bends, not easily noticed in the above photo.

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