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The BEDFORD INCIDENT By Mark Rascovich. (Fiction) Set during the cold-war ear the fictional American destroyer USS Bedford plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with an unseen Russian submarine. Hardcover (book club) w/ dust jacket. Fair + + + Cond.  $15.95


COLD Is The SEA By Captain Edward L. Beach, USN. (Fiction) The most advanced nuclear sub in history, the USS Cushing carries more explosive power than all the munitions used in two world wars. She secretly probes the Arctic waters near the U.S.S.R. Hardcover w/ DJ. Good Cond.  $12.95


The CRUEL SEA By Nicholas Monsarrat. (Fiction) The Battle of the Atlantic in World War II. Here is the mortal fury of war fought with guts and wits by men who protected the dangerous sea corridors against Nazi U-boats in those grueling years. No photos. 1988 Paperback. Good Cond.  $6.88


FINAL HARBOR By Harry Homewood (Fiction). Fictional American Submarine USS Mako in Pacific World War II action versus the Japanese. The book narrative sweeps through momentous events in World War II history. No photos, or maps. Hardcover edition with dust jacket. Good Cond. $22.95


FINAL HARBOR By Harry Homewood (Fiction). Fictional American Submarine USS Mako in Pacific World War II action versus the Japanese. The book narrative sweeps through momentous events in World War II history. No photos, or maps. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond.  $14.95


The FINAL VOYAGE Of The S.S.N. SKATE By Stephen Cassell (Fiction). The “leper” of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, SSN-578 nuclear attack submarine Skate’s final mission—to take on the Soviet Navy. Paperback edition Fair + + + Cond.  $3.99


FORTY FATHOMS DOWN By J. Farragut Jones. (Fiction) Second in this series “The Silent Service.” April 1939, the USS Sebago, America’s ultimate submarine begins her first sea trials when catastrophe strikes and the mortally wounded sub vanishes into the depths. Paperback. Good + Cond.  $11.95


The GOLDEN U-BOAT  By Richard P. Henrick. (Fiction). Fifty years after the end of WWII, a fugitive “SS” officer has salvaged a deadly cargo from a sunken U-boat in an attempt to resurrect the Third Reich. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $4.88


GRAND FINALE By Halsey Clark. (Fiction) Fourth in the book series called “Periscope!” The final days of the Pacific war was a time of trial for the closely-bonded men of the Silent Service. A top-secret mission submarine into the Sea of Japan. 1983 Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $7.00


The HUNT For RED OCTOBER By Tom Clancy (Fiction). Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. The Americans want her. Paperback. Very Good Cond.  $4.00


ICE STATION ZEBRA By Alistair MacLean. (Fiction) The USS Dolphin, the pride of America’s nuclear submarine fleet, is sent on a daring rescue mission during the Cold War. Dolphin must sail beneath the ice-floes of the Arctic Ocean to “Ice Station Zebra.” New Paperback. NEW  $9.95


KLEBER’S CONVOY By Antony Trew. (Fiction) Through the freezing storms of the North Atlantic steams a large Allied convoy headed for England. Stalking the formation is a German wolfpack consisting of fifteen U-boats. The stage was set for a North Atlantic show-down. 1973 Paperback. Good + Cond.  $5.00


The LAST LIEUTENANT By John J. Gobbell. (Fiction) Under a barrage of artillery, brilliant U.S. cryptographers crack the top-secret Japanese code revealing their plans for a doomsday attack on Midway Island. The Navy responds mobilizing all they have to counter-attack. Paperback. Good + + + Cond.  $5.88


LUSITANIA By David Butler. (Fiction) A fact-based novel dealing with the sinking of the famous British passenger liner, RMS Lusitania. May 1915, German Commander Schwieger’s U-20 stumbles upon the Lusitania and sinks the massive liner with a perfect torpedo shot. Paperback. Fair + + Cond.  $3.95


MEDITERRANEAN MANEUVER By Robert J. Szilagye and Stanley C. Monroe. (Fiction) Threshold—a secret weapon so powerful it could paralyze a nation’s warning system, leaving it vulnerable to nuclear strike. The Russians had it, and the American’s wanted it. Paperback. Sale priced Good Cond.  $3.95


NAVY – Battle Stations By Roger Jewett (Fiction). Pearl Harbor, Midway, The Solomons, Leyte Gulf, Okinawa. On the sea, underwater, in the air. The first novel in the series. The U.S. Navy in action. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $4.99


NOT THINKING Of DEATH By Alexander Fullerton (Fiction). Based loosely on historical facts, the tragic loss of the H.H. Submarine Thetis in Liverpool Bay in 1939. No photos or maps. Paperback edition. Like New Cond.  $6.95


‘O GOD Of BATTLES By Harry Homewood. (Fiction) The fictional submarine USS Tigerfish in action against the Imperial Japanese Navy. The narrative sweeps through momentous events in WWII history. Out of print! Paperback edition. 342 pages, no photos. Good Cond.  $14.95


PEARL HARBOR PERISCOPES By J. Farragut Jones. (Fiction) Forth book in this series “The Silent Service.” In 1942, the American submarine USS Stickleback sets forth on a crucial World War II mission, to destroy the mighty Japanese fleet. No photos. 1981 Paperback edition. Good + Cond.  $12.95


PEARL HARBOR By Randall Wallace. (Fiction) It was the end of innocence and the dawn of America’s greatest glory. World War II was brought to America with the attack on December 7, 1941. The book that became the major motion picture “Pearl Harbor.” Paperback. Fair + + + Cond.  $3.95


POSEIDON’s SHADOW By A.P. Kobryn. (Fiction) The U.S. ballistic missile submarine USS Adresteia, glides toward the icy waters off Soviet Siberia. Refusing to follow secret orders, her captain has reached an agonized decision. 1980 Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $4.99


The PRIDE And The ANGUISH The Last Days of Singapore. By Douglas Reeman. (Fiction) In 1940, they called it the “Gibraltar of the Far East”—a British rock that could not be taken. But suddenly, in a lightning blow, Singapore is defeated by the Japanese. Paperback. Good Cond.  $3.99


P.T. COMMANDER By Eric Higgs. (Fiction) The big brass didn’t believe Lt. Buck Leander’s PT Boats would be worth a damn in naval combat. But following the Japanese attacked in December 1941, the untried PT Boats were all that was left of America’s Navy in the Philippines. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond.  $4.99


RESISTANCE ROAD Of IRON By Gregory St. Germain. (Fiction) A World War II multinational terror team takes on the Nazi’s in Norway––a land of ice, snow and savage death. 1983 Paperback edition, 185 pages. No photos, maps or index. Good Cond.  $5.88


The SCOURGE Of SCAPA FLOW By J. Farragut Jones. (Fiction) Third book in this series “The Silent Service.” Unterseeboot 47–Newest, deadliest U-boat in Admiral Doenitz’s German fleet, heads for Scapa Flow and the British battleship HMS Royal Oak. 1981 Paperback. Good Cond.  $9.88


SEA LEOPARD By Craig Thomas (Fiction). Set in the Cold War era, the deadliest submarine at sea now has the ultimate in defense technology: SEA LEOPARD, code name for a secret anti-sonar device. No photos. Paperback edition. Good + Cond.  $4.95


SILENT DESCENT By Dick Couch. (Fiction). In the frozen wastes of Russia, an American mole gathers proof of an illegal nuclear weapons trade. Now, she has disappeared. One submarine can get her out. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $3.95


SHARKS And LITTLE FISH By Wolfgang Ott (Fiction). The stunning novel of World War II German U-boat action in the Atlantic. With relentless realism and force, the author exposes the terrible tension inside the submarine. Rare 1958 Hardback, NO dust jacket. Fair + + Cond.  $9.00


SILENT SEA By Harry Homewood (Fiction). On the fictional American submarine USS Eelfish, Captain Brannon and his crew were destined to become the fiercest undersea warriors of World War II. No photos or maps. Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond.  $14.95


SWORDRAY’s FIRST THREE PATROLS A novel of Underseas Combat. By Clay and Joan Blair. (Fiction) Commander Hunter Holmes takes the American submarine USS Swordray into Pacific World War II submarine action against the Japanese Navy. No photos. Bantam Paperback. Fair + + + Cond.  $22.95


The SUNSET PATRIOTS By Charles D. Taylor. (Fiction) The U.S. sends their Seventh Fleet to Vladivostock for a New Year’s celebration with the Russians. An American admiral suspects something bigger is coming. No photos or maps. Paperback. Good Cond.  $3.88


TORPEDO! By Harry Homewood. (Fiction) Apocalypse under the sea. Sleek and deadly, the ultra-silent Soviet missile swept through the black ocean depths—its target was the American nuclear submarine, USS Sharkfin. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $14.95


TRACKING The WOLF PACK By J. Farragut Jones. (Fiction) Fifth book in this series “The Silent Service.” The North Atlantic in World War II where Germany’s U-112’s Kaptain Joachim Kruger takes on the British Royal Navy. No photos or maps. 1981 Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond.  $10.95


TOKYO TORPEDO Run to the Rising Sun! By Edwyn Gray (Fiction) 1943: Suffering crippling losses on many fronts, Germany looks to Japan for her most secret weapon and sends U-885 into the Pacific. No photos. 1977 Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $5.99


TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER The SEA By Jules Verne (Fiction). Before submarines were invented, they were imagined. Jules Verne created the fictional submarine Nautilus for this classic novel. No photos. Paperback. Fair + + Cond.  $3.95


UP PERISCOPE  By Robb White. (Fiction) American submarine USS Shark is sent on a perilous and top-secret mission into Japanese waters. Diver Lt. Ken Braden must sneak onto a remote Japanese held island to steal an enemy code book. Hard to find! 1968 Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $18.88


UNDER The FREEZE By George Bartram. (Fiction). A madman enters the International terror game and he owns enough plutonium to incinerate the globe. An American agent is called in for help. No photos or maps. Paperback. Fair + + + Cond.  $3.95


WATERS DARK And DEEP  By J. Farragut Jones (Fiction). First book in the series “The Silent Service.” A gripping saga of World War II–the submarines and the brave men who risked their lives beneath the sea. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $9.88


The WOTAN WAR-HEAD By James Follett (Fiction). A World War II German U-boat commander heads out to sea with a new type of torpedo. The U-700 carries a magnetic fish armed with the “Wotan War-Head.” Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond.  $5.95


“Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once” – Stephen King
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