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AllHandsDown 202x300 - New Navy Books

All Hands Down by Kenneth Sewell and Jerome Preisler – Sale priced – $11.88


AmericanCruiserCover 230x300 - New Navy Books

American Cruisers of World War II by Steve Ewing – $12.95


AntiSubmarineWarriorHB 201x300 - New Navy Books

AntiSubmarine Warrior In The Pacific by John A. Williamson – Sorry, sold out!


AttackOnTheLibertySB 1 196x300 - New Navy Books

The Attack on the Liberty by James Scott – $13.99


BlackFlagHB 227x300 - New Navy Books

Black Flag by Lawrence Paterson – $19.95


CruisersForBrkCvr 203x300 - New Navy Books

Cruisers For Breakfast by John G. Mansfield, Jr. – $29.95


DeathOfThresher2 197x300 - New Navy Books

The Death of the USS Thresher by Norman Polmar – Sale priced – $15.95


DepthsCourage 204x300 - New Navy Books

The Depths of Courage by Flint Whitlock and Ron Smith – Sale priced – $19.88


DepthsOfCourageSB 1 201x300 - New Navy Books

The Depths of Courage by Flint Whitlock and Ron Smith – Sale priced – $16.88


DEscorts1 300x226 - New Navy Books

Destroyer Escorts of World War Two by Robert F. Sumrall – $12.88


EightSurvivedSB 200x300 - New Navy Books

Eight Survived by Douglas A. Campbell – $16.95


EscapeDeep 201x300 - New Navy Books

Escape From The Deep by Alex Kershaw – $26.00


EscapeFromDeep SB 1 201x300 - New Navy Books

Escape From The Deep by Alex Kershaw – $15.88


FinalDiveCover 189x300 - New Navy Books

Final Dive by Rick Cline – $19.95


FinalPatrol11 199x300 - New Navy Books

Final Patrol by Don Keith – $14.99


FindEmChaseEm SB 1 200x300 - New Navy Books

Find ‘Em, Chase ‘Em, Sink ‘Em by Mike Ostlund – $19.95


FindDestroy 203x300 - New Navy Books

Find and Destroy by Dwight Messimer – Sale priced – $19.95


FirstShotHB 211x300 - New Navy Books

First Shot by John Craddock – Sale priced – $19.95


ForCrewAndCountry SB 198x300 - New Navy Books

For Crew And Country by John Wukovita – Sale priced – $15.99


FullFathomFiveHB 1 203x300 - New Navy Books

Full Fathom Five by Mary Lee Coe Fowler – Sale priced – $21.99


HalseysTyphoonHB 203x300 - New Navy Books

Halsey’s Typhoon by Bob Drury and Tom Calvin – Sale priced – $14.99


HellAboveDeepWaterBelow 198x300 - New Navy Books

Hell Above Deep Water Below by Dale Russell – Sale priced – $15.99


HuntersCvr 201x300 - New Navy Books

The Hunters and the Hunted by Jochen Brennecke – $18.95


IceStationZebraPB 11 188x300 - New Navy Books

Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean – $9.95


LastStandTinCan 1 199x300 - New Navy Books

The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfischer – Sale priced – $16.95


Lusitana NewSB A 214x300 - New Navy Books

The Lusitana’s Last Voyage by Charles E. Lauriat, Jr. – $13.88


LuckDrawHB1 200x300 - New Navy Books

The Luck of the Draw by Captain C. Kenneth Ruiz – $29.95


LuckyLady HB 1 200x300 - New Navy Books

Lucky Lady by Steve Jackson – $69.95


0966323548 189x300 - New Navy Books

Maru Killer by Dave Bouslog – Sorry, sold out!


NeptunesInfernoSB 198x300 - New Navy Books

Neptune’s Inferno by James D. Hornfischer – $16.88


OctFuryHB 200x300 - New Navy Books

October Fury by Peter A. Huchthausen – Sale priced – $19.95


PearlHarborPapers 2 201x300 - New Navy Books

The Pearl Harbor Papers Edited by D.M. Goldstein and K.V. Dillon – Sale priced – $15.88


SailorsJourneyHB 11 200x300 - New Navy Books

Sailors’ Journey Into War by Robert Maher / Capt. James Wise, Jr. – Sale priced – $19.95


ScorpionDown 201x300 - New Navy Books

Scorpion Down by Ed Offley – Sale priced – $21.95


ShipOfGhostsSB 1 201x300 - New Navy Books

Ship Of Ghosts by James D. Hornfischer – $14.95


ShipWouldNotDieSB 197x300 - New Navy Books

The Ship That Would Not Die by R-Admiral F. J. Becton USN (Ret.) – $12.95


SilentRunningSB 199x300 - New Navy Books

Silent Running by V-Admiral James Calvert – $19.99


SinkingLancastria 203x300 - New Navy Books

The Sinking of the Lancastria by Jonathan Fenby – Sale priced – $19.99


StalkingRedBear 199x300 - New Navy Books

Stalking The Red Bear by Peter Sasgen – Sale priced – $20.95


SubChaser 1 195x300 - New Navy Books

SubChaser by Captain J. Henry Doscher, Jr. USNR (Ret.) – Sale priced – $11.99


TakeHerDeepSB 193x300 - New Navy Books

Take Her Deep by Admiral I.J. Galantin – $17.95


Tirpitz SB 1 200x300 - New Navy Books

Tirpitz by Niklas Zetterling and Michael Tamelander – $17.88


UnderPressureSB 195x300 - New Navy Books

Under Pressure by A.J. Hill – $13.95


USSEnterpriseCV6 230x300 - New Navy Books

USS Enterprise (CV-6) by Steve Ewing – Sorry, sold out!


SubCrewman 222x300 - New Navy Books

US Submarine Crewman 1941—45 by R. Hargis – $17.95


WakeOfTheWahooCover 188x300 - New Navy Books

Wake of The Wahoo by Forest J. Sterling – $19.95


WarBeneathTheWavesHB 1 204x300 - New Navy Books

War Beneath The Waves by Don Keith – $24.95


WarInTheBoats 197x300 - New Navy Books

War In The Boats by Capt. William J. Ruhe, USN (Ret.) – Sorry, sold out!


WolfPackHB1 198x300 - New Navy Books
Wolf Pack by Steven Trent Smith – Sale priced – $19.95


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