Submarines – pre-adult hardback – By Edward C. Stephens





“SUBMARINES” The Story of Underwater Craft from the Diving Bell of 300 B.C. to Nuclear-Powered Ships. By Edward C. Stephens. This “Golden Library of Knowledge” book was especially designed for the (pre-adult) younger generation. Loaded with factual and general information regarding submarines, published in 1959. The carefully researched text is simple and easy to read. Color and black and white photographs and or illustrations appear on each and every page. The book starts with the very first submarines and explains how they operate. It later follows the history of submarines, up to the early nuclear-powered boats of the 1959 ear. A great collector’s book. 1959 Hardback edition with color-printed cover boards. Never offered with a dust jacket. Book measures 8 inches tall, 6 1/2 inches wide. 56 pages, 57 color and black and white photos and illustrations. Includes an index. Book is tattered and worn as noted in above photo. Inside pages are nice.

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