The Battle Of The Torpedo Boats – By Bryan Cooper

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 “The BATTLE Of The TORPEDO BOATS” By Bryan Cooper. The closest fought sea battles of the Second World War were those of the “little ships,” the highly maneuverable motor torpedo boats, known as PT-Boats. Too small and numerous to be given the dignity of individual vessel names, they were instead known by their numbers painted in the side of the wooden hull. The PT’s fought in every major theatre of war, in the English Channel and the North Sea, off Burma and Malaya, and across the Pacific islands to the final liberation of the Philippines. This book is the true story of the American PT’s in World War II, the small vessels that used surprise as their advantage to raid harbors, drop secret agents on enemy shores, and to capture and board enemy merchant ships like buccaneers of old. “The Battle of the Torpedo Boats” captures all the drama and excitement of a conflict of the small against the gigantic and all the anguish and glory of a world caught in the throes of a world war. Paperback edition. 296 pages, 35 black and white photos, 10 maps and an index.

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