Unrestricted Warfare – By James F. DeRose




“UNRESTRICTED WARFARE” How a New Breed of Officers Led the Submarine Force to Victory in World War II. By James F. DeRose. Foreword by Rear Admiral Roger W. Paine, Jr., USN (Ret.). “Unrestricted Warfare” reveals the dramatic story of the harsh baptism by fire faced by U.S. submarine commanders in World War II. The first skippers went to battle hamstrung by conservative peacetime training and plagued by defective torpedoes. Drawing extensively from now declassified files, Japanese archives, and the testimony of surviving veterans, James DeRose has written a fascinating account of the men and vessels responsible for the only successful submarine campaign of the war. They clearly charted a new course to victory in the Pacific. IBM-exec-turned-historian James DeRose focuses on officers associated with the legendary USS Wahoo (SS-238). Headed by Dudley “Mush” Morton and his executive officer, Richard “Dick” O’Kane, they included George Grider, author of the classic War Fish, and Roger Paine, DeRose’s principal informant. Numbering about a dozen in all, they did more than their share to establish the aggressive submarine tactics used in the war against Japan. Some of the material DeRose presents will be familiar to all but naval-history novices, but by drawing on oral history and untapped Japanese sources, DeRose adds considerably to readily available knowledge on his subject. For example, DeRose discloses that most of the men in the water attacked by Wahoo during a controversial episode of Morton’s career were Indian POWs being shipped to New Guinea as slave laborers. DeRose also provides a balanced account of the small-group politics of submarine command and a harrowing last hours of the men trapped aboard USS Tang (SS-306), which was sunk by one of her own circle-run torpedoes. Hardback edition, with a full-color dust jacket. 310 pages, 21 historic black and white photographs, 1 maps, 4 diagrams, an 11 page appendix and index.

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