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“AMERICAN CRUISERS Of WORLD WAR II” By Steve Ewing. From December 7, 1941 until September 1945, seventy-four (74) American cruisers fought in at least one battle against Germany, Japan or both and therefore received recognition by the award of a battle star. This book is the story of those 74 victorious cruisers with one or more battle stars. In the 60 years since the end of World War II, journalists have not found it difficult to write about aircraft carriers, battleships and submarines, but few have turned toward cruisers. Ten American cruisers were lost in World War II, with two of those ships marking the worst naval losses in U.S. history.

“American Cruisers of World War II” is packed full of rare photos and valuable data, covering the extensive development of the American cruisers, heavy cruisers, the Alaska-class battle-cruisers, light cruisers, and the cruisers which were converted into the CVL mid-sized aircraft carriers. There is even a chapter dealing with Japanese cruisers of World War II. A must-have for navy and World War II history buffs. The author, Steve Ewing also wrote “USS Enterprise (CV-6).” This new softbound (2006 edition) has 140 pages with 147 historic photographs, 2 maps, 4 illustrations and an index. Order yours today!

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Book Reviews:

“This book contained what I was looking for. My Dad served on the USS Phoenix CL-46. I found books that never gave Dads ship any credit for her war record, although this book doesn’t list all the details, it sure did give Phoenix (and all other cruisers) credit well deserved. Excellent book!” – Robert W. Thieman

“It is unusually difficult to find good books on this subject. It has a brief history of each ship, and some excellent photos. I highly recommend it.” – James G. Beasley

“If you find it somewhere, grab it! This is a great book. It covers 74 U.S. Cruisers that saw action in WW2, that earned at least one battle star. It covers Heavy Cruisers, Light Cruisers, and the Alaska-class Battle-cruisers. It also briefly covers the Princeton-class Light Carriers that were built on Cleveland-class cruiser hulls. The book covers the ship by class, with a short introduction. A summary of each ship’s WW2 history then follows. There’s at least one photo of every cruiser.” – unknown reader


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