Miracle At Midway – By Prange, Goldstein and Dillon







“MIRACLE At MIDWAY” By Gordon W. Prange, with Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon. From the author of “At Dawn We Slept” comes this great book on the epic battle at Midway, fought in June of 1942. “In this impressive book, Prange and his associates have written a gripping and convincing account of a decisive American naval victory.” With the infamy of Pearl Harbor still fresh in their minds, the men of the U.S. Pacific Fleet waited for the Imperial Japanese Navy at Midway Island. This time, however, the element of surprise had shifted, and the American troops would be the victors. “Miracle At Midway” brings together eyewitness accounts from the men who commanded and the men who fought on both sides. The sweeping narrative takes you into the thick of action and shows exactly how American strategies and decisions led to the triumphant victory and the crushing defeat of Japan. 1983 Softbound edition. 469 pages, 32 black and white photos, 7 maps and a large appendix and index.

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