Take Her Deep! – paperback – By Admiral I.J. Galantin, USN (Ret.)








“TAKE HER DEEP!” A submarine against Japan in World War II By Admiral I.J. Galantin, USN (Ret.). Introduction by Edward L. Beach, USN, (Ret.). During World War II, Commander “Pete” Galantin was the skipper of the American sub USS Halibut (SS-232). Halibut sank 13 enemy ships including a 10,000-ton Japanese heavy cruiser. While Halibut was in the Luzon Strait the sub endured one of the most ferocious depth charge attacks of the war! Galantin was awarded the Navy Cross. 1988 Paperback edition, 299 pages, 3 black and white photos. Includes USS Halibut crew roster. No index

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TAKE HER DEEP! – softbound edition

TAKE HER DEEP!  – paperback edition


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