The Last Lieutenant – By John J. Gobbell








“The LAST LIEUTENANT” By John J. Gobbell. (Fiction) Under an unstoppable barrage of artillery, brilliant U.S. cryptographers crack the top-secret Japanese code revealing their plans for a doomsday attack on Midway Island. The Navy’s high command responds mobilizing all they have to counter-attack. But there is a mole among the code-cracking team––a ruthless, cold-blooded Nazi spy on orders to stop at nothing. Enter Navy Lieutenant Todd Ingram––the man the mole didn’t count on. As the Japanese ravage the South Pacific, Ingram must escape the onslaught––and stop a traitor who has the power to turn the tide of war toward the land of the rising sun. 1997 Paperback edition. 448 pages, 3 maps no photos or index.

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