The Right Thing – By Commander Scott Waddle, USN (Ret.) With Ken Abraham








“The RIGHT THING” By Commander Scott Waddle, USN (Ret.) With Ken Abraham. When a U.S. nuclear submarine collided with a Japanese fishing boat on February 9, 2001, the story made international headlines. Navy Commander Scott Waddle, captain of the USS Greenville (SSN-772), was at the center of the controversy. While conducting an emergency main ballast tank blow off the coast of Oahu (Hawaii) while hosting several civilian “distinguished visitors”, mainly donors to the Battleship USS Missouri Memorial, the Greeneville struck the commercial Japanese fishing vessel Ehime Maru. The small craft sank in less than ten minutes. Nine Ehime Maru crew members, including four high school students were killed. The skipper of the Greeneville, Commander Waddle, accepted full responsibility for the incident. After he faced a court of inquiry, it was decided a full court-martial would be unnecessary and Commander Waddle was forced to retire and given an honorable discharge. This is Commander Waddle’s firsthand, never-before-published account of that fatal moment and the heartbreaking events that followed. Unlike many other leaders in the public eye who have denied or made excuses for their behavior, Commander Waddle stood boldly and took complete responsibility for his actions. Waddle’s pursuit of integrity against all odds is not only dramatic reading, but provides an inspiring challenge to anyone facing difficult choices in life. 2002 first edition Hardback with a color dust jacket. 242 pages, 31 color photos, 1 maps, no index.

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