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“THEN THERE WAS ONE” The U.S.S. Enterprise and the First Year of War. By Eugene Burns. With the war in the Pacific well into its new, offensive phase, the best carrier story of the war can now be told. It is the story of the USS Enterprise (CV-6), one of the Navy’s greatest fighting ships, the first carrier to receive the rarely awarded Presidential Citation. Of the seven first-line American carriers when World War II began in 1941, four were sunk in the first year of war. Another saw action in the non-Pacific waters during the period and yet another flat top was out-of-action. The Big “E” was virtually alone in the Pacific. It is a true story of the battles from Sunday, December 7, 1941, down through many major carrier conflicts. Because this book was written and published during World War II, it has been censored. Several details such as ship names and locations, including sensitive intelligence has been understandably watered-down. 1944 First edition Hardback with original dust jacket. 179 pages, 35 black and white photos. Includes an appendix but no maps or index. Note condition of the 1944 dust jacket in the above photo. Extremely rare!

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