Three Corvettes – By Nicholas Monsarrat


“THREE CORVETTES” By Nicholas Monsarrat. Some years before “The Cruel Sea” focused attention upon his, Nicholas Monsarrat’s qualities as a writer were recognized when he published a series of short books about his experiences as an officer in corvettes in the North Atlantic. These books, superbly vivid and deeply felt, remain today as fresh and honest and moving as they were years ago. Perhaps the best record any writer has left us of that bitter war in which men went to sea in small ships to face the menace of Hitler’s submarine wolf-packs and courage, endurance and quiet pride. “Three Corvettes” is a superb account of the hunting of German U-boat’s in the darkest days of World War II. Every detail of this book was the war the author fought, and these are the actual ships and men he later immortalized in fiction in “The Cruel Sea.” 1962 Paperback edition, 207 pages, no photos, maps or index. Upper left corner of back cover missing, see photo.

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