US Submarine Crewman 1941—45 – By Robert Hargis







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“U.S. SUBMARINE CREWMAN 1941-45” By Robert Hargis. Illustrated by Velimir Vuksic. This book takes a close look at the “Dolphins” of the United States Navy submarine force of World War II from 1941 to 1945. Covering recruitment, training, service conditions and combat experiences. The Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 battered the surface fleet, but the submarine force escaped unharmed. It was up to the “Silent Service” to spearhead the naval war against Japan, cutting her supply routes and neutralizing her naval threat. By August of 1945, American submarines had made 488 war patrols. The achievements of the “Silent Service” were not without consequence—3,500 American officers and crewmen lost their lives and 52 boats failed to return from patrol. Some of the chapters in this new book include: “The Story of US Submarines in World War Two”—”Recruitment and Training”—”Submarine Assignment and Crew Life”—”Officers”—”The Men”—”Liberty and Leave”—”War Patrol…”—”Boats on Patrol” and much, much more. New 7 by 10 inch softbound book, 64 pages, 46 black and white photographs, 8 color illustrations, and an index. A must-have for all naval history buffs!

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Book Reviews:

“This can be a decent enough addition to one’s library, although it is ultimately limited by it’s small size. The strength of the book are the many photos, including a good number I hadn’t seen before (though many with sparse captions). The color artwork was well-done and helped to illustrate the widely varied missions undertaken by submarines during the war. The text is marred by one glaring error that could be quite misleading if this book was someone’s first exposure to the subject. When describing the attack procedures of a typical submarine, the author mentions that the captain “would make periodic checks of the target’s range and speed using his periscope-mounted ST radar”. Though not necessarily false, this is rather misleading as the ST radar set was only installed on subs during the final months of the war. This error is repeated in one of the “commentaries” to the color plates. My rating of three stars instead of five is due solely to the gravity of this one mistake. This may seem harsh, but a 64 page book doesn’t have room enough for such errors.” – unknown reader


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