War In The Boats – By Capt. William J. Ruhe, USN (Ret.)


ISBN # 1-57488-734-3


“WAR In The BOATS” My WWII Submarine Battles. By Captain William J. Ruhe, USN (Ret.), with a foreword by Tom Clancy. Submarine duty in World War II was extraordinarily dangerous: nearly 22 percent of all American submariners who fought lost their lives. What kind of man could face these odds, day-after-day, in a cramped, leaky vessel hundreds of feet below the surface? Bill Ruhe was one of them. A twenty-six year old ensign just three years out of the Naval Academy, he kept a secret journal on eight action-filled patrols against the Japanese in the South Pacific. Based on his colorful and meticulous notes, “War In the Boats” vividly describes a unique form of combat and the courageous individuals who could with stand extreme pressures. The author’s combat operations ran the gamut of submarine actions in the Pacific war. His battles were fought in three main types of boats. Because his experiences were so extensive, his book is one of the most inclusive descriptions of the undersea war against Japan. Ruhe served on the old submarine S-37 (SS-142), the USS Seadragon (SS-194) and later on the USS Crevalle (SS-291). All three of the subs survived the war. Softbound edition. 305 pages, 5 diagrams, 2 maps, epilogue, glossary an index but no photos.

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Book Reviews:

“This was about my 12th book on submarines and it covered the “S” boats, in particular the S-37. I was surprised by the errors made by untrained crew members. It was amazing that the boat survived the errors and the faulty equipment. Showed how ill prepared our Navy was after Pearl Harbor. The author was a good writer and an interesting story teller. Never heard of the Banda Sea before let alone the deadly poisoness snakes that float on the water’s surface there. The latter part of the book is about the Crevelle and its patrols. This book covered new territory for me and I would certainly recommend it as a good book to add to anyone’s submarine library.” – Carol Gleason

“Very well written and very easy to read. The author writes the story so that any one can keep up with the story!” – Nathan

“This writer takes you with him as they dive and come up ready for General Quarters- Torpedo or man your deck gun. About the only thing he left out was anything personal about him etc, i don’t remember him ever saying anything about his promotions during his time aboard or his wife etc. This is a really good read been without that personal info. My hats off to any shipmate that went thru the war in a steel coffin.” – Jbeck

“This was a heart pounding read and almost impossible to put down. I prefer these first person accounts. I think those submariners had to have nerves of steel because mine were almost shot reading about it. Trying to be a hunter while all the time being hunted.” – JF


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