War Under The Waves – By Fred Warshofsky








“WAR UNDER The WAVES” By Fred Warshofsky. The guts and glory of the brave men who fought the silent war in the depths of the sea. Each chapter of the book covers a true story about a different submarine. Germany’s famous Gunther Prien guides U-47 into Scapa Flow and sinks a British battleship. America’s S-38 fighting the Japanese in 1941. Commander Howard Gilmore earns the Medal of Honor with the famous sub USS Growler (SS-215). USS Harder’s (SS-257) brave skipper Sam Dealey becomes the “Destroyer Killer.” Britain’s submarine E-11 in World War I action. Much more appear in this rare book! 1964 Pyramid Paperback edition. 157 pages, no photos or maps. Several bends and folds on the outside cover, inside book still good. See above photo.

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