Poseidon’s Shadow – By A.P. Kobryn








“POSEIDON’s SHADOW” By A.P. Kobryn. (Fiction) The U.S. ballistic missile submarine USS Adresteia, a miracle of military technology, glides like a phantom toward the icy waters off Soviet Siberia. Refusing to follow unofficial secret orders, her captain has reached an agonized decision: He will turn his ship against her arrogant makers––blackmail the Pentagon to save a threatened world. Outlawed because of her heroic defiance and pursued by the most lethal sub-killer of all, the Adresteia must escape into the vastness of the sea. If she wins the deadly race, Washington will be blown sky high by the biggest military scandal in history. If she loses, the whole world may be blown to kingdom come! 1980 Paperback edition, 252 pages, no photos, maps or index.

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