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All Hands Down – By Kenneth Sewell and Jerome Preisler


Back From The Deep – By Carl LaVO


Batfish – By Hughston E. Lowder with Jack Scott


Big Red – By Douglas C. Waller


Black Flag – By Lawrence Paterson


Black May – By Michael Gannon


Blind Man’s Bluff – By Sherry Sontag, Christopher and Annette Drew


Bowfin – By Edwin Hoyt


The Bravest Man – By William Tuohy


Clear The Bridge! – By Rear Admiral Richard O’Kane, USN (Ret.)


Cold Is The Sea – By Captain Edward L. Beach, USN


Cry From the Deep – By Ramsey Flynn


Cruisers For Breakfast – By John G. Mansfield, Jr.


The Death of the USS Thresher – By Norman Polmar


The Depths Of Courage – By Flint Whitlock and Ron Smith


The Destruction Of Convoy PQ-17 – By David Irving


The Destroyer Killer – By Edwin Hoyt


Eight Survived – By Douglas A. Campbell


Escape From The Deep – By Alex Kershaw


Final Dive – By Rick Cline


Final Harbor – By Harry Homewood


Final Patrol – By Don Keith


The Final Voyage Of The S.S.N. Skate – By Stephen Cassell


Find ‘Em, Chase ‘Em, Sink ‘Em – By Mike Ostlund


Forty Fathoms Down – By J. Farragut Jones.


Full Fathom Five – By Mary Lee Coe Fowler


Grey Wolf, Grey Sea – By E.B. Gasaway


The Golden U-Boat – By Richard P. Henrick


Grand Finale – By Halsey Clark


Guerrilla Submarines – By Edward Dissette, and Hans Adamson


The Hunt For Red October – By Tom Clancy


Hell Above Deep Water Below – By Dale Russell


Hellcats Of The Sea – By Vice Admiral Charles Lockwood, Jr., USN (Ret.) and Colonel Hans Christian Adamson, USAF (Ret.)


Hostile Waters – By Peter Huchthausen, Igor Kurdin and R. Alan White


The Hunters and the Hunted – By Jochen Brennecke


I-Boat Captain – By Zenji Orita


Ice Station Zebra – By Alistair MacLean


Iron Coffins – By Herbert A. Werner


The Kaiten Weapon – By Yutaka Yokota with Joseph D. Harrington


Killer Subs – Edited by Phil Hirsch


Klebler’s Convoy – By Antony Trew


Kursk Down – By Clyde Burleson


The Laconia Affair – By Leonce Peillard


The Last Cruise – By Commander William J. Lederer, USN


The Last Patrol – By Harry Holmes


Lone Wolf – By Timothy P. Mulligan


Lost Subs – Spencer Dunmore


Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days – By Admiral Karl Doenitz


Nautilus 90 North – By Commander William R. Anderson USN


Night Raider Of The Atlantic – By Terence Robertson


Operation Drumbeat – By Michael Gannon


Not Thinking Of Death – By Alexander Fullerton


October Fury – By Peter A. Huchthausen


On The Bottom – By Commander Edward Ellsberg


‘O God Of Battles – By Harry Homewood


Overdue And Presumed Lost – By Martin Sheridan


Pearl Harbor Periscopes – By J. Farragut Jones


Poseidon’s Shadow – By A.P. Kobryn


Red Scorpion – By Peter T. Sasgen


Red Star Rogue – By Peter Sasgen


The Right Thing – By Commander Scott Waddle, USN (Ret.). with Ken Abraham.


Rising Tide – By Gary E. Weir and Walter J. Boyne


The Royal Oak Disaster – By Gerald S. Snyder


Scorpion Down – By Ed Offley


The Scourge Of Scapa Flow – By J. Farragut Jones.


Sea Leopard – By Craig Thomas


The Sea Wolves – By Wolfgang Frank


Silent Descent – By Dick Couch


The Silent Service – By William C. Chambliss


Silent Running– By Vice Admiral James Calvert (USN)


Silent Sea – By Harry Homewood


Silent Victory – By Clay Blair, Jr.


Sink ‘Em All – By Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Jr., USN


Sharks and Little Fish – By Wolfgang Ott


Shinano! – By Captain Joseph Enright (USN)


The Sinking Of The Belgrano – By Desmond Rice and Arthur Gavshon


Stalking The Red Bear – By Peter Sasgen


Spy Sub – By Roger C. Dunham.


Swordray’s First Three Patrols – By Clay and Joan Blair


Submarine Admiral – By Admiral I. J. Galantin, USN (Ret.).


Submarines At War – By Edwin Hoyt


Submarine Commander – By Rear Admiral Ben Bryant.


Submarine Commander – By Paul R. Schratz


Submarine Commander – By Paul R. Schratz – Autographed


Submarine Diary – By Rear Admiral Mendenhall, USN (Ret.)


Sub Duty – By Grover S. McLeod


Submarine! – By Commander Edward L. Beach USN


Submarine – By Tom Clancy


Submarine The Ultimate Naval Weapon – By Drew Middleton


Submarine Grayback – By Rick Cline


Submarine Warfare – By Anthony Preston


The Submariners – By John Winton


Submarines In Arctic Waters – By I. Kolyshkin


Submarine Warfare – By Anthony Preston


Submarine Warriors – By Edwyn Gray


Surface At The Pole – By Commander James Calvert, USN


The Sunset Patriots – By Charles D. Taylor


Sunk! – By Mochitsura Hashimoto


Take Her Deep! – By Admiral I.J. Galantin (USN)


The Terrible Hours – By Peter Maas


Torpedo! – By Harry Homewood


Torpedo Junction – By Homer H. Hickam, Jr.


Tracking The Wolf Pack – By J. Farragut Jones


Tokyo Torpedo – By Edwyn Gray


They Fought Under the Sea – The Navy Times


Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea – By Jules Verne


Under The Freeze – By George Bartram


Waters Dark and Deep – By J. Farragut Jones


The Wotan War-Head – By James Follett


U-Boat 977 – By Heinz Schaeffer


U-Boat Commander – By Commander Gunther Prien


U-Boats At War – By Harald Busch


U-Boats Offshore – By Edwin P. Hoyt


The U-Boat Offensive 1914 – 1945 – By V.E. Tarrant


Undersea Victory – By W. J. Holmes


Underseas Victory Part I – By W.J. Holmes


Underseas Victory Part II – By W.J. Holmes


Under Pressure – By A.J. Hill


US Submarine Crewman 1941—45 – By R. Hargis


U.S. Submarines In World War II – By Larry Kimmett and Margaret Regis


Up Periscope – By Robb White


Wake of The Wahoo – By Forest J. Sterling


War Beneath The Waves – By Don Keith


Wolf Pack – By Steven Trent Smith


War Under The Waves – By Fred Warshofsky


The Underwater War – By Edwyn Gray


U.S. Submarine Attacks During World War II – By John D. Alden


The X-Craft Raid – By Thomas Gallagher


Wahoo – By Rear Admiral Richard H. O’Kane, USN (Ret.)


War Fish – By George Grider with Lydel Sims


Zoomies Subs And Zeros – By Charles Lockwood and Hans Adamson.

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