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ABANDON SHIP! The Saga of the USS Indianapolis, the Navy’s Greatest Sea Disaster. By Richard F. Newcomb. True World War II story of the 1945 sinking of the American cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35). 1960 Paperback edition, no photos. Fair + + + Cond.  $4.77


BATTLE In The ENGLISH CHANNEL By Theodore Taylor. Mighty German war ships Scharnhort, Gneisenau and the Prinz Eugen make a daring run through the English Channel in December 1941… right under the nose of the British. Maps and an index. 1983 Paperback. Good + Cond. $9.99


The BATTLE For LEYTE GULF By C. Vann Woodward. The greatest naval battle of the Second World War and the largest engagement ever fought on the high seas. For the Japanese the battle represented the supreme naval effort of the war. 1947 Paperback edition. No photos. Fair + Cond. $3.99


The BATTLE Off MIDWAY ISLAND By Theodore Taylor. June 1942. Fresh from their victory at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese turn their efforts toward the small Pacific Island named “Midway.” This time the out-gunned American’s are ready! Maps and index, no photos. 1981 Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. $9.99


CLIMAX At MIDWAY By Thaddeus V. Tuleja. The dramatic and comprehensive story of this battle is brilliantly told. June 1942. If the Japanese could take the Midway atoll and destroy the American carrier strength, the Pacific would be theirs. But if the United States could hold Midway, the march to ultimate victory over Japan would began. Paperback edition, black and white photos. Fair + + Cond. $5.88


CLOSING The CIRCLE War in the Pacific, 1945. By Edwin P. Hoyt. A behind-the-scenes look at the military and political moves that brought the Japanese to final surrender (in 1945). 23 black and white photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. $5.00


DEVIL BOATS The PT War Against Japan. By William Breuer. The PT boat was a motor torpedo boat used by the United States Navy during World War II. Against Japan, they figure prominently in some of the best-known feats of heroism of the entire Pacific war. Paperback. Good Cond. $9.88


EAGLE AGAINST The SUN The American War with Japan. By Ronald H. Spector. The American war in the Pacific versus Japan, now told using newly declassified intelligence information from all sides. Photos. Hardback with dust jacket. Fair + + + Cond. $7.88


FATAL VOYAGE The sinking of the USS Indianapolis. By Dan Kurzman. True and tragic story of the sinking of the American cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) by the Japanese submarine I-58 in (July 1945) World War II. Paperback edition. Good Cond. $10.00


FLAGS Of Our FATHERS By James Bradley with Ron Powers. The authors follow the lives of the six famous American’s who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi in 1945. Black and white photos, maps. Hardback edition with dust jacket. Fair + + + Cond. $9.75


The GREATEST GENERATION By Tom Brokaw. A magnificent testament to a nation and her people, extraordinary stories of a generation that gave new meaning to courage, sacrifice and honor in World War II. Black and white photos. 1998 Hardback edition w/ DJ. Good Cond. $9.88


IWO JIMA By Richard F. Newcomb. World War II’s bloodiest, most glorious Marine invasion. Some 5,000 American’s and about 20,000 Japanese defenders lost their life during this 1945 battle. Black and white photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. $6.99


IWO JIMA Legacy Of Valor. By Bill D. Ross. World War II Marine sergeant tells the historic story of the epic battle for the Pacific island of Iwo Jima. Some 5,000 American’s and about 20,000 Japanese defenders lost their life during this 1945 battle. B/W photos. Softbound edition. Fair + + Cond.  $5.88


KURSK DOWN The Shocking True Story of the Sinking of a Russian Nuclear Submartine. By Clyde Burleson. On August 12, 2000, while on maneuvers in the Barents Sea, the Kursk was rocked by mysterious explosions and went down hard with its crew of  118 men trapped inside. Paperback edition, black and white photos. Kursk crew roster and an index. Good Cond. $5.88


The LAST VOYAGE of the LUSITANIA By A.A. Hoehling and Mary Hoehling. On May 7, 1915, Lusitania was torpedoed by the German submarine U-20 off the southwest coast of Ireland. She sank within 18 minutes with the loss of some 1,200 men, women and children, many of them American. 1974 Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond. $4.99


MIRACLE At MIDWAY By Gordon W. Prange, with Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon. The epic WWII naval battle at Midway Island, fought in June 1942. “Miracle At Midway” brings together eyewitness accounts from the men who commanded and the men who fought on both sides. Softbound edition with black and white photos, maps and index. Fair + + + Cond. $8.99


ONE SOLDIER’s STORY By Bob Dole. Before he became one of America’s most respected statesman, Bob Dole was an average citizen serving heroically for his country. The bravery he showed after suffering near-fatal injuries in the final days of World War II is the stuff of legend. 2005 first edition Hardback with dust jacket. 287 pages, with 23 black and white photos. No maps or index. Fair + + + Cond.  $3.88


OPERATION ICEBERG By Gerald Astor. April, 1945, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps invaded the Japanese Island of Okinawa. The Japanese knew if they lost this vulnerable island, so close to  their homeland, they would be exposed to all-out attack from their enemy. So the Japanese fought hard and unleashed all they had in an effort to stop the Allies. 1996 Paperback edition, black and white photos. Good Cond. $9.95


The PACIFIC CAMPAIGN The U.S. – Japanese Naval War 1941-1945. By Dan van der Vat. A comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the Pacific war. Its all here in one volume. Black and white photos and maps. Softbound edition. Fair + + + Cond. $5.99


PEARL HARBOR FINAL JUDGEMENT By Henry C. Clausen and Bruce Lee. In 1944, Secretary of War Stimson selected Clausen to investigate the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Many historic photos. 1992 Hardback with dust jacket. Good Cond. $9.95


The RIGHT THING By Commander Scott Waddle, USN (Ret.). With Ken Abraham. Commander Waddle was the skipper of the USS Greenville (SSN-772) in February 2001, when the nuclear sub collided with a Japanese fishing boat sinking the Ehime Maru. Color photos. Hardback w/ DJ. Good Cond. $8.95


The RUSSIAN CONVOYS Heroes of the Murmansk run—Allied seamen who fought Stukas, Nazi subs and frozen Artic seas in World War II. By B. B. Schofield. The Murmansk Run, most dangerous of all sea routes in World War II. Black and white photos. 1967 Paperback. Sale priced. Good Cond.  $9.95


SPY SUB A Top-Secret Mission to the Bottom of the Pacific. By Roger C. Dunham. True story of an American nuclear submarine’s desperate search for a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine (K-219) lost in the north Pacific. Black and white photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. $3.99


SUBMARINES At WAR The History of the American Silent Service. By Edwin Hoyt. Complete history of American submarines from the present back to the American Revolution. Includes World War I and World War II. Black and white photos with maps. Paperback. Good Cond. $10.00


SUBMARINE! By Commander Edward L. Beach USN. A thrilling and true account of war beneath the seas. Heroic crews and legendary submarines fighting in the Pacific during World War II. 1960 Paperback edition. Sale priced Fair + + + Cond. $3.88


“SUBMARINE” A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship. By Tom Clancy. A rare glimpse inside a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine. Packed with exclusive photographs, illustrations and diagrams. Softbound edition. Good Cond. $4.95


SUBMARINE The Ultimate Naval Weapon—Its Past, Present & Future. By Drew Middleton. The history of the submarine, from its early beginnings, through two world wars and into the atomic age. Photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. $3.99


SUBMARINE WARFARE An Illustrated History. By Anthony Preston. The entire history of the submarine from the Civil War to nuclear subs of today. Packed with over 100 color and black and white photos! Hardback with dust jacket. Sale priced Fair + + + Cond. $9.95


TAKE HER DEEP! A Submarine Against Japan in World War II. By Admiral Galantin, USN (Ret.). American submarine USS Halibut (SS-232) in true and exciting Pacific World War II action. Black and white photos and USS Halibut crew roster. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. $9.95


THEY FOUGHT UNDER THE SEA By Navy Times. This book follows the development of the submarine as a tactical weapon, starting with America’s first sub, the Holland. Each chapter deals with a different submarine. World War I, World War II and beyond. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond.  $4.99


THREE CORVETTES By Nicholas Monsarrat. “Three Corvettes” is a superb account of the hunting of German U-boat’s in the darkest days of World War II. Every detail of this book was the war the author fought, and these are the actual ships and men he later immortalized in fiction in “The Cruel Sea.” 1962 Paperback edition. Sold Out


TORPEDO JUNCTION  U-Boat War off America’s East Coast, 1942. By Homer H. Hickam, Jr. In early 1942, the German launched ‘Operation Drumbeat’ sending U-boats into the open waters off the American East Coast. Unopposed by the U.S. Navy they sank whopping 259 ships. Paperback edition, black and white photos, maps, appendix and index. Good Cond. $7.88


U-BOATS At WAR By Harald Busch. The true story of Germany’s top U-boat commanders of World War II. Written by a former German officer, attached to the U-boat branch of the Kriegsmarine. Includes an appendix, no photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond  $9.99


U-BOATS OFFSHORE When Hitler Struck America. By Edwin P. Hoyt. 1942, German U-boat’s execute “Operation Drumbeat” sinking ships off America’s East Coast. The heroic story of courageous Americans who waged a relentless fight. Photos. Paperback. Sale priced Fair + + Cond. $7.99


WAKE ISLAND A Gripping Story of Disaster And Heroism. By Duane Schultz. On the same day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they also began a savage assault on tiny Wake Island. For 14 days, a small contingent of Marines battled against overwhelming odds. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. $9.95


WAR In The BOATS By Captain William J. Ruhe, USN (Ret.), with a foreword by Tom Clancy. The author tells of his dangerous World War II submarine duty in the Pacific. He saw action from the S-37 (SS-142), USS Seadragon (SS-194) and the USS Crevalle (SS-291). New Softbound. edition. Sorry, sold out!


WAR UNDER The WAVES By Fred Warshofsky. True story’s about famous submarines: Germany’s U-47, America’s S-38. Commander Gilmore with USS Growler (SS-215). USS Harder’s (SS-257) Sam Dealey. Britain’s E-11 in World War I and much more. Paperback. Fair + + Cond.  $8.99


The X-CRAFT RAID By Thomas Gallagher. True World War II story of the British X-craft, midget submarine sent on a top-secret mission to sink the mighty German battleship Tirpitz. Maps and index. Paperback edition. Good Cond. $9.95


YAMAMOTO The Story of America’s most Brilliant World War II Enemy – The Mastermind Behind Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Campaign. By Edwin P. Hoyt. In this extraordinary biography, noted historian Edwin P. Hoyt chronicles Admiral Isoroko Yamamoto’s rise from poverty through the ranks of the Japanese military machine. 1991 Paperback edition. Good Cond. $8.95


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