U.S. Battleships In Action, Part 2 – By Rob Stern








“U.S. BATTLESHIPS In Action, Part 2” By Rob Stern. Illustrations by Don Greer. Squadron/signal publications Warships No. 4. An informative and well assembled book dealing with the mighty U.S. battleships––mostly in World War II. The North Carolina, South Dakota and awesome Iowa-class battlewagons are featured in this book. Laced with impressive and rare photographs; color as well as black and white diagrams. A must-have for the naval historian. 1984 Softbound, 8 by 11 inches. 50 pages, a staggering 112 black and white photographs, countless diagrams, no index.

Good Cond. – $10.95


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U.S. Battleships In Action, Part 2

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