Wake Island – By Duane Schultz








“WAKE ISLAND” A Gripping Story of Disaster And Heroism. By Duane Schultz. On the same day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) they also began a savage assault on the tiny Pacific island of Wake. For 14 bloody days, a small, ill-equipped contingent of Marines battled against overwhelming odds. The world holds its breath and watches as a small band of Marines miraculously beats back massive enemy invasions by air, land and sea. From beach to lagoon to foxhole, they would fight in a terrifying inferno of machine gun bullets, blood and sand, surviving on guts and determination alone. Here is the true incredible saga of heroism that enabled American’s once again to stand tall in those grim, dark days of 1941. Paperback edition, 208 pages, 14 black and white photos, and an index. No maps.

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