The Final Voyage Of The S.S.N. Skate – By Stephen Cassell








“The FINAL VOYAGE Of The S.S.N. SKATE” By Stephen Cassell. (Fiction) The “leper” of the U.S. Pacific Fleet,  en reduced to scrap a decade earlier. But America is on the brink of impending disaster at Russian hands …and the underwater deathtrap has one final mission to perform––one impossible act of piracy in hostile enemy waters that will pit the obsolete floating dinosaur and its inexperienced crew against the combined might of the Soviet Navy’s finest. For Captain Charles Burkhart a successful run could mean a long-awaited command. For CIA “shadow man” Jake Niven it could help exorcise the demons of guilt that haunt his every waking hour. And for the unsuspecting crewmen of the Skate––caught in a deadly Company game of “spooks” and turncoats on Russian’s doorstep––it could be the beginning of the end. Paperback edition, 383 pages, no maps photos or index.

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