Guerrilla Submarines – By Captain Edward Dissette and Colonel Hans Christian Adamson








“GUERRILLA SUBMARINES” By Captain Edward Dissette, USN (Ret.) and Colonel Hans Christian Adamson, USAF (Ret.). Foreword by Rear Admiral F. Kent Loomis, USN (Ret.). The full and, astounding story of how a small group of daring American submarines supported the free Filipino guerrilla forces in their struggle with the Japanese during the early stages of World War II. Secret and dangerous missions performed in the Pacific. How at the risk of their own lives, U.S. submarines kept the guerrillas supported with arms, ammunition, medical supplies, and other tools of battle necessary to resist the Japanese. One of the authors, Captain Dissette was a submarine commander during World War II. Colonel Adamson co-wrote several books with Admiral Charles Lockwood, Jr., including “HellCats Of The Sea.” “Guerrilla Submarines” was never published in hardback. Paperback edition, 238 pages, 12 black and white photos, 1 Fleet Boat diagram, no maps or index. Includes a 2 page appendix listing “Special Submarine Missions.”

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