Submarine Commander – By Paul R. Schratz







“SUBMARINE COMMANDER” By Paul R. Schratz. During World War II, Schratz was a torpedo officer on the ill-fated submarine USS Scorpion (SS-278) and only escaped death when fate transferred him to USS Sterlet (SS-392) and finally USS Atule (SS-403). At the end of World War II, Schratz took command of the Japanese submarine I-203 and guided the war prize back to Pearl Harbor. “The U.S. Navy’s most innovative, non-conforming, daring skipper tells in intimate detail a gripping and exciting story––unashamed in sorrow, proud in record-setting accomplishments, rich in humor”––Admiral I.J. “Pete” Galantin, USN (Ret.). 1988 first edition Hardback, with dust jacket. 322 pages, 16 black and white  photos, 5 maps and an index.

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Submarine Commander

Submarine Commander – Autographed


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