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“SHINANO!” The Sinking of Japan’s Secret Supership. By Captain Joseph Enright, USN (Ret.). Foreword by Admiral Bernard A. Clarey, USN. During World War II Commander Enright was the skipper of USS Archerfish (SS-311). In November 1944, he torpedoed and sank the 71,000-ton Japanese super carrier Shinano, the largest ship ever sunk by a submarine! Enright tells the dramatic minute-by-minute story of how the sinking took place. “David and Goliath” replayed in World War II. 1987 Hardback edition with dust jacket. This is not a “book club” edition. 250 pages, 27 black and white photos, 2 maps and 2 diagrams of Shinano. Includes an index and a complete crew roster for this patrol aboard Archerfish.

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SHINANO! – hardback edition

SHINANO! – paperback edition


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