The Kaiten Weapon – By Yutaka Yokota with Joseph D. Harrington








“The KAITEN WEAPON” Japan’s Suicide Torpedo Pilots–Underwater counterpart of the Deadly and Fanatic Kamikaze. By Yutaka Yokota (former Petty Officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy) with Joseph D. Harrington. The true story of Japan’s suicide torpedo pilot’s who manned the Kaiten–the underwater counterpart of the deadly and fanatic Kamikaze’s of the sky. These World War II Japanese submarines were so secret, few people, even in Japan knew of their existence. Each Kaiten was fired or launched from a larger (I-boat) submarine, then guided to their target by a human pilot, who gave his life in an attempt to sink an American warship. Later released titled “Suicide Submarine!” 1962 Paperback edition. 256 pages, 12 black and white photos, no maps or index.

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