I-Boat Captain – paperback – By Zenji Orita with Joseph D. Harrington








“I-BOAT CAPTAIN” How Japan’s Submarines almost defeated the U.S. Navy in the Pacific! By Zenji Orita with Joseph D. Harrington. Here it is the complete story of the Japanese submarine campaign in World War II. In a meticulously detailed account, “I-Boat Captain” includes the true stories of how Japanese sub’s sank the American carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5) and in 1945, the cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35). In 1942, a small plane flew from an I-boat, dropping a bomb on the state of Oregon. Their submarines nearly turned the tide of the Pacific war three months after the battle of Midway. Read how Japanese subs helped evacuate Kiska Island, leaving the U.S. landing force to discover the enemy was gone. Author Zenji Orita was a leading Japanese submarine captain who’s exploits in World War II ranged over the entire Pacific. In 1944, Orita was at Ulithi Atoll when he launched the first “human torpedoes” called Kaiten’s. Illustrated with exclusive photographs never before published, “I-Boat Captain” brings the shocking truth about the Japanese efforts in World War II. Commander Orita tells his fascinating story in this unique and out-of-print book. And reveals the story of individual submariners who, like Orita sacrificed everything for their Emperor and country. Rare 1976 Paperback edition. 336 pages, 33 black and white photographs, several diagrams, 2 maps, no index.

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