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“TORPEDO!” By Harry Homewood. (Fiction) Author Homewood made eleven patrols in American subs during World War II. Author of “O God Of Battles” and “Silent Sea.” Apocalypse under the sea. Sleek and deadly, the ultra-silent Soviet missile swept through the black ocean depths––its target was the American nuclear submarine, USS Sharkfin. The lives of the lost Sharkfin demanded vengeance and on the brink of World War III, Mike Brannon gave the order––“Seek and destroy!” Another great Homewood submarine novel. Bantam Paperback edition. 213 pages, no photos, maps or index.

Good Cond. – $14.95


The Author:

Harry Homewood was a “qualified” submariner before he was seventeen years old. Having lied to the US Navy about his age, Homewood served in a little “S”-boat in the Asiatic Fleet. After Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, he re-enlisted in the “silent service” and made eleven war patrols in the Southwest Pacific. Following World War II, Homewood became Chicago Bureau Chief for “Newsweek,” chief editorial writer for the “Chicago Sun-Times,” and for eleven years had his own weekly news program syndicated to thirty-two PBS television stations. Homewood wrote three submarine novels dealing with Pacific World War II fictional boats: “Final Harbor” – “Silent Sea” – “O God Of Battles” and one post World War II submarine novel, “Torpedo!” Each of his books have been very popular. All are now out of print and difficult to find.


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