Silent Siege II – By Bert Webber







“SILENT SIEGE II” Japanese Attacks on North America in World War II Ships Sunk, Air Raids, Bombs Dropped, Civilians Killed. By Bert Webber. This unique book covers all Japanese attacks thus far discovered from Alaska to Mexico. Attacks on Southern California includes details and newspaper headlines for the “Battle of Los Angeles” in February 1942. Shelling of the U.S. harbor defense post on the Columbia River at Fort Stevens, Oregon by the Japanese Navy on June 21, 1942. Includes Japanese submarine attacks on the West Coast of the United States and Canada, Aleutian Islands, British Columbia, Southern California, and at Ft. Stevens, Oregon. Untold facts regarding Japanese submarine attacks on shipping along U.S. West Coast with details of the damage and sinking of many vessels. Shelling by Japanese submarines in Southern California, how the Japanese Navy started forest fires in Oregon. The Japanese American evacuation required by military necessity. Civilians (and children) killed by Japanese attacks in Oregon. 1988 softbound edition. Large 10 by 7 inch book. 398 pages, packed with photos, maps, diagrams, newspaper clippings and charts on nearly every page. Appendix and index.

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