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WakeOfTheWahooCover 188x300 - Navy Book Store

Wake of the Wahoo  By Forest J. Sterling


SpySubHB 205x300 - Navy Book Store

Spy Sub  By Roger C. Dunham


AmericanCruiserCover 230x300 - Navy Book Store

American Cruisers Of World War II  By Steve Ewing


AttackOnTheLibertySB 1 196x300 - Navy Book Store

The Attack On The Liberty  By James Scott


RussianConvoysPB 181x300 - Navy Book Store

The Russian Convoys  By B.B. Schofield


QueenOfTheFlatTopsPB2 185x300 - Navy Book Store

Queen Of The Flat-Tops  By Stanley Johnston


OverduePresumedLost1 200x300 - Navy Book Store

Overdue and Presumed Lost  By Martin Sheridan


MemorisDoenitzHB12 193x300 - Navy Book Store

pixel - Navy Book StoreMEMOIRS: Ten Years And Twenty Day  By Admiral Karl Doenitz


IronCoffinsHB11 204x300 - Navy Book Store

Iron Coffins  By Herbert A. Werner


BlindMansBluffHB 203x300 - Navy Book Store 

Blind Man’s Bluff  By Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew with Annette Lawrence Drew


ClearBridge1979HB 206x300 - Navy Book Store

Clear The Bridge!  By Rear-Admiral Richard H. O’Kane, USN (Ret.)


EscortCommanderHB 210x300 - Navy Book Store

Escort Commander  By Terence Robertson


ColdIsTheSeaHB 200x300 - Navy Book Store

Cold Is The Sea  By Captain Edward L. Beach, USN (Ret.)


HellCatsPB2 186x300 - Navy Book Store

Hellcats Of The Sea  By Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Jr., and Colonel Hans Christian Adamson


U 505 178x300 - Navy Book Store

U-505  By Rear-Admiral Daniel V. Gallery, USN (Ret.)


UnderseasPB 1 184x300 - Navy Book Store

Underseas Victory – Part I  By W.J. Holmes


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