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“A BLOODY WAR” Combat At Sea Against Nazi U-Boats. By Hal Lawrence. The Royal Canadian Navy in World War II action in the North Atlantic. Convoy duty told like it was, desperate men, sinking ships and the agony of the cold sea. Illustrations. 1982 Paperback. Good Cond. — $11.95


“AIRCRAFT CARRIER” By J. Bryan, III. This is an exceptional minute-by-minute diary of the action aboard the ill-fated carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5), sunk off Midway, June 1942. Author Bryan, was an officer on the carrier. 1962 Paperback edition. No photos. Good Cond. — $19.88


“ARK ROYAL” By Kenneth Poolman. History of the Royal Navy’s first full-sized aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal. The carrier saw World War II action against the German battleship Bismarck. Then sunk by a u-boat in 1941. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $15.95


“U.S. BATTLESHIPS In Action, Part 2” By Rob Stern. Informative and well assembled book dealing with the mighty U.S. battleships—mostly in World War II. Includes the powerful Iowa-class. Black and white photos. Softbound edition. Sale priced Good Cond. — $10.95


“The BATTLE For GUADALCANAL” By Samuel B. Griffith II, Brigadier General, USMC (Ret.). The 1942 struggle for the obscure Pacific Island called Guadalcanal, as told by one of its heroic defenders, Samuel Griffith II. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $10.95


“The BIG ‘E’” The Thrilling Story of the USS Enterprise–and the Men who Sailed her to Glory. By Commander Edward P. Stafford, USN (Ret.). America’s mightiest World War II carrier, the true and exciting story of the USS Enterprise (CV-6). 1964 Paperback. Good Cond. — $12.88


“BLOOD On The SEA” American Destroyers Lost in World War II. By Robert Sinclair Parkin. True story of the seventy-one (71) U.S. destroyers lost in World War II. Covering the Pacific and Atlantic theaters of war. Black and white photos, maps. Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $15.95


“BOWFIN” The Story of one of America’s fabled Fleet Submarines in World War II.  By Edwin P. Hoyt.  True story of one the USS Bowfin (SS-287). Bowfin saw nine war patrols and sank over 67,000 tons of Japanese ships. 1984 first edition Paperback. Good + Cond. — $12.95


“CARRIER COMBAT” A Young Pilot’s Story of Action Aboard The Hornet in World War II. By Lieutenant Frederick Mears, USN. First-hand story of a young American pilot who flew with the famous Torpedo Squadron Eight from the deck of the carrier USS Hornet (CV-8). Ultra-rare book! 1967 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $79.88


“COMBAT PATROL” The Incredible Saga of U.S. Submarine Forces in the war against Japan. By Clay Blair, Jr. Compacted into one paperback book, is Blair’s popular “Silent Victory” in a low-cost abridged edition. The U.S. World War II subs in action. 1978 Paperback edition. Sold out!


“In The COURSE Of DUTY” The Heroic Mission of the USS Batfish. By Don Keith. February 1945, the American submarine USS Batfish (SS-310) on a top-secret World War II mission into the Philippines. Black and white photos. Softbound edition. Sorry sold Out!


“DARDANELLES PATROL” The Incredible Story of the E.11. By Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter. The British submarine HMS E.11 in action during World War I.  The famed sub sunk over 80 enemy vessels.  1983 Paperback edition, 159 pages, 5 maps, no photos or index. Sorry, sold out!


“LEYTE GULF: The DEATH Of The PRINCETON” By Edwin P. Hoyt. True and tragic story of the October 1944 World War II loss of the American carrier USS Princeton (CVL-23). Includes 34 historic black and white photos! Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $17.95


“The DESTROYER KILLER” By Edwin P. Hoyt. Foreword by Vice Admiral Ralph W. Christie, USN (Ret.). The true story of Commander Sam Dealey and the men of the submarine USS Harder (SS-257). In August 1944 Harder was lost with all hands. No photos. 1989 Paperback. Good + Cond. — $32.88


“The END Of The IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY” An Insiders Gripping Account of Strategy And Sacrifice. By Masanori Ito with Roger Pineau. One of Japan’s leading military commentator’s takes us inside Japanese Navy during World War II. Maps and photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $11.88


“ESCORT CARRIER WWII” War in the Pacific on the Escort Carrier USS Petrof Bay. By Rick Cline. The full history of the USS Petrof Bay (CVE-80), a small escort carrier fighting the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II. Softbound book. Autographed! Fair + + Cond. — $99.99


“ESCORT COMMANDER” By Terence Robertson. The true story of famed British Captain Frederic J. Walker and his aggressive tactics on Germany’s U-boats. Escort ships under Walker’s command sank 21 German U-boats in World War II. Paperback edition. Good + Cond. — $11.95


“The FLEET The GODS FORGOT” The U.S. Asiatic Fleet in World War II. By Captain W.G. Winslow, USN (Ret.). Tragic and heroic story of the demise of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet at the outbreak of the World War II (early 1942). Black and white photos. 1994 Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $11.88


“The FRANKLIN COMES HOME” By A. A. Hoehling. World War II, March, 1945, just off the Japanese coast, the carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) was struck by enemy bombs—832 men were killed in the tragedy. Black and white photos. 1997 Softbound edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $14.99


“GREY WOLF, GREY SEA” Aboard the German Submarine U-124 in World War II. By E.B. Gasaway. War patrols of U-124. During World War II, Capt. Mohr became one of Germany’s top-scoring commanders as his U-124 sank 27 Allied ships. No photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $18.88


“GUERRILLA SUBMARINES” By Edward Dissette, and Hans Adamson. True story of U.S. submarines who supported the Filipino guerrilla forces in their struggle with the Japanese in World War II. Maps. Black and white photos. Paperback edition. Sale priced Good Cond. — $18.95


“HELLCATS Of The SEA” By Vice Admiral Charles Lockwood, Jr., USN (Ret.) and Colonel Hans Christian Adamson, USAF (Ret.). U.S. submarines invade the Sea of Japan in 1945. A top-secret underwater mission in World War II. Illustrations and maps, no photos. Paperback. Good Cond — $26.95


“H.M.S. HOOD Vs. BISMARCK” The Battleship Battle. By Theodore Taylor. World War II, May 1941, the mighty British battleship HMS Hood takes on the powerful German dreadnaught Bismarck. Here is the true story of an epic battle in the Atlantic. Illustrations and maps. Paperback. Good Cond.— $11.95


“HUNTER KILLER” U.S. Escort Carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic. By William T. Y’Blood. American Escort Carriers (CVE’s) swing into action in aggressive “hunter-killer” groups in Atlantic World War II against the dreaded Nazi U-boats. Maps and illustrations. Paperback. Fair + + Cond. — $14.95


“I-BOAT CAPTAIN” How Japan’s Submarines almost defeated the U.S. Navy in the Pacific!  By Zenji Orita with Joseph Harrington. True story of the failed Japanese submarine campaign during World War II. Black and white photos with maps. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $19.95


“IRON COFFINS” A personal account of the German U-boat battles of World War II.  By Herbert A. Werner. Author tells the true and exciting story of his own Atlantic U-boat action in WW II. Werner served aboard five different U-boats, ending the war as a commander. Paperback. Good Cond. — $11.95


“The KAITEN WEAPON” Japan’s Suicide Torpedo Pilots—Underwater Counterpart of the Deadly and Fanatic Kamikaze. By Yutaka Yokota with Joseph D. Harrington. The true story of Japan’s World War II suicide torpedo pilot’s who manned the Kaiten. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. — $12.99


“KAMIKAZE NIGHTMARE” By Ron Burt. True story of the carrier USS Ommaney Bay (CVE–79). Based on a survivors story about the escort carrier in the Pacific during WWII. Ommaney Bay was sunk in 1945 by a Japanese suicide plane. Photos, appendix and index. First Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $19.88


“KILLER SUBS” Edited by Phil Hirsch. Nine thrilling chapters, by nine different authors, each with a unique and true story on underwater warfare. Most of the stores are from World War II. No photos maps or index. 1965 Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $22.88


“The LACONIA AFFAIR” By Leonce Peillard. The World War II Commander of the U-156 sinks the unarmed liner Laconia then makes a heroic effort to save the passengers. A shockingly true story. No photos. Paperback edition. Sale priced Good Cond. — $10.95


“The LAST PATROL” By Harry Holmes. Excellent operational history of the fifty-two (52) American submarines lost during World War II. Their successes, failures and their final dive when the sea closed over them forever. Black and white photos. Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $18.95


“The LAST VOYAGE Of USS PUEBLO” By Ed Brandt. The dramatic and true story of the USS Pueblo (AKL-44), the American ‘spy ship’, its Commander Lloyd Bucher, its crew and the Navy brass that sent it on its ill-fated mission in 1968. Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond. — $12.88


“The LAST VOYAGE Of The GRAF SPEE By Michael Powell. German battleship’s Bismarck and Admiral Graf Spee were two of the most famous warships of World War II.  In 1939, Graf Spee sank nine Allied ships totaling some 50,000 tons. Here is her story. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $29.88


“LEFT To DIE” The tragedy of the USS Juneau. By Dan Kurzman. The true story behind one of the most devastating tragedies of World War II, the loss of the USS Juneau (CL-52)—torpedoed and sunk in 1942. Nearly 700 Americans died. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. — $13.95


“LITTLE SHIP, BIG WAR” The Saga of DE-343. By Commander Edward P. Stafford, USN (Ret.). True story of the destroyer escort USS Abercrombie (DE-343) in Pacific, World War II action. Commander Stafford was an officer on board the DE. B/W photos. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $12.95


“MARU KILLER” War Patrols of the USS Seahorse. By Dave Bouslog. True World War II history of the famed American submarine USS Seahorse (SS-304). Black and white photos with maps. New and updated second edition Softbound book. Sorry, sold out! Out-of-print! —


“MEMOIRS: TEN YEARS And TWENTY DAYS” By Admiral Karl Doenitz. Doenitz became the leader of the dreaded German U-boat campaign in World War II. This is the true and fascinating story of Germany’s aggressive submarine war against the Allies. Photos. Softbound book. Fair + + + Cond. — $24.88


“MEMOIRS: TEN YEARS And TWENTY DAYS” By Admiral Karl Doenitz. Doenitz became the leader of the dreaded German U-boat campaign in World War II. This is the true and fascinating story of Germany’s aggressive submarine war against the Allies. No photos. Paperback book. Good Cond. — $18.88


“The MEN Of The GAMBIER BAY” By Edwin P. Hoyt. The full and complete history of the escort carrier USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73). The Casablanca-class carrier, was sunk at the Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 25, 1944. Black and white photos. 1981 Paperback edition. Good Cond — $17.95


“NAUTILUS 90 NORTH” By Commander William R. Anderson USN, with Clay Blair, Jr. The dramatic account of the first atomic submarine voyage (USS Nautilus / SSN-571) from the Pacific to the Atlantic beneath the Arctic ice pack in the summer of 1958. Photos. Paperback. Fair + + + Cond. — $11.95


“NIGHT RAIDER Of The ATLANTIC” The Saga of the U-99. By Terence Robertson. The complete story of Germany’s top-scoring U-boat Ace of World War II––Otto Kretschmer. Kretschmer destroyed 44 Allied ships totaling over 266,000 tons. 1974 Paperback edition, 12 black and white photos. Good + Cond. — $19.88


“A NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS” The Sinking of the Troopship Leopoldville. By Jacquin Sanders. The true and tragic story of the December 24, 1944, sinking of the SS Leaopoldville. Over 800 lives were lost. 1964 Paperback edition., 224 pages. Sorry, sold out!


“ON THE BOTTOM” The Raising of the U.S. Navy submarine S-51. By Commander Edward Ellsberg. Introduction by Captain Edward L. Beach, USN (Ret.). September, 1925, submarine S-51 suffers a collision at sea.  33 U.S. sailors lost their lives in the cold Atlantic. Softbound edition, 253 pages, 29 historic black and white photos. Difficult to find! Fair + + + Cond. — $21.95


 “OVERDUE And PRESUMED LOST” The Story of the USS Bullhead. By Martin Sheridan. The USS Bullhead (SS-332) was the last American naval vessel lost in World War II—and she was a submarine. Here is her true and tragic story. Black and white photos. Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $29.99


“QUEEN Of The FLAT-TOPS” The True, Glorious Story of the Navy’s Favorite, USS Lexington, The Fighting Lady. By Stanley Johnston. The USS Lexington (CV-2) was sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942. Paperback edition, maps, countless illustrations. Good Cond. — $16.95


“RETURN From The RIVER KWAI” By Joan and Clay Blair, Jr. Dramatic, true story of the real “River Kwai” and the American World War II submarine rescue mission of the incredible legend. American submarines; Barb, Pampanito, Sealion and Queenfish. Paperback edition. Maps, appendix and index. Good Cond. — $11.88


“The RUSSIAN CONVOYS” Heroes of the Murmansk run–Allied seamen who fought Stukas, Nazi subs and frozen Artic seas in WWII. By B. B. Schofield. The Murmansk Run, most dangerous of all sea routes in World War II. Black and white photos. 1967 Paperback. Sale priced Good Cond. — $9.95


“SAVO” By Richard F. Newcomb. The gripping minute-by-minute account of the disastrous night battle off Savo Island on of August 8 – 9, 1942, between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy. The battle that nearly destroyed the entire Pacific fleet. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $11.99


“The SEA WOLVES” The Story of German U-Boats at War. By Wolfgang Frank. Complete and true story of the German U-Boat campaign during World War II. The author was on the staff of Admiral Karl Doenitz and saw it from the inside the Nazi empire. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. — $17.95


“SHINANO!” The Sinking of Japan’s Secret Supership. By Captain Joseph Enright. During World War II Enright was the skipper of Archerfish (SS-311). In 1944, he torpedoed and sank the largest ship of the war, Japan’s super-carrier Shinano. Photos. Paperback. Good Cond. — $12.95


“The SILENT SERVICE” By William C. Chambliss. Based on the TV Series of the 50s. True stories of U.S. submarines in World War II. Perch, Thresher, Sculpin, Harder, Bergall, and Seahorse (SS-304). Black and white photos. 1959 Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $19.95


“SILENT VICTORY” The U.S. Submarine War Against Japan. By Clay Blair, Jr. The decisive word on American’s submarine activity in World War II. From before the war got underway until the last torpedo was fired in 1945. Photos, maps and large appendix. Large Softbound edition. — $19.88


“SINK ‘Em ALL” By Admiral Charles Lockwood Jr., USN (Ret.). A Commander’s account of the U.S. Navy’s explosive undersea war with Japan during World War II. Maps, and an index but no photos. Rare Paperback edition. Sorry, sold out!


“The SUBMARINERS” Life in British Submarines 1901 – 1999. By John Winton. Personal accounts of life aboard the Royal Navy’s submarines. From the boats of 1901 to the giant Trident nuclear vessels of today. World War I and World War II. Photos. Softbound edition. Good + Cond. — $12.88


“SUBMARINES At WAR” By Edwin Hoyt. Complete history of American submarines from the present back to the American Revolution. Includes World War I and World War II. Black and white photos, maps. Paperback edition. Fair + + + Cond. — $10.00


“SUBMARINE COMMANDER” By Rear Admiral Ben Bryant. During World War II, Commander Bryant captained three different British submarines; P-211, HMS Sealion and the HMS Safari. He was the greatest British submarine Ace to survive World War II. Paperback edition. Fair + + Cond. — $11.99


“SUBMARINE DIARY” The Silent Stalking of Japan. By Rear Admiral Mendenhall, USN (Ret.). The author tells of his exciting and dangerous Pacific World War II U.S. submarine action aboard two different Fleet boats; USS Sculpin (SS-191) and USS Pintado (SS-387). Softbound edition. Good Cond. — $15.88


“SUBMARINE GRAYBACK” The Life & Death of the WWII Sub, USS Grayback. By Rick Cline. True and tragic story of World War II American submarine USS Grayback (SS-208). Lost with all hands in the Pacific in February 1944. Rare photos. Softbound edition. Autographed! Sorry sold out!


“SUNK!” By Mochitsura Hashimoto. True story of the Japanese submarine operations in the Pacific during World War II. Written by Commander Hashimoto, one of four Japanese commanders who survived the war. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $29.95


“The THOUSAND-MILE WAR” World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians. By Brian Garfield. Foreword by Terrence Cole. Japanese invade the Aleutian Islands in 1942. American’s fight back in the frigid no-man’s land off the coast of Alaska. Maps and photos. Softbound edition. Good + Cond. — $13.99


“The THOUSAND-MILE WAR” World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians. By Brian Garfield. Japanese invade the Aleutian Islands in 1942. American’s fight back in the frigid no-man’s land off the coast of Alaska. Illustrations, maps, no photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $10.88


“THROUGH HELL And DEEP WATER” By Charles A. Lockwood, Jr. USN (Ret.) and Hans Christian Adamson, USAF (Ret.). The definitive work on the famed American Submarine USS Harder (SS-257). Harder was lost in 1944. Paperback edition.  Sold out!


“The TWO-OCEAN WAR” A Short History of the United States Navy in the Secord World War. By Samuel Eliot Morison. The greatest naval force in history was assembled by the United States to fight a global war at sea during World War II. Maps and photos. Softbound edition. Good + Cond. — $16.88


“U-505” By Rear-Admiral Daniel V. Gallery, USN (Ret.). In June 1944, American carrier USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60) with destroyers; USS Pillsbury (DE-133), USS Jenks (DE-665), and USS Chatelain (DE-149) capture the German U-boat, U-505. Paperback edition, 317 pages, no photos. Good Cond – $12.88


“U-BOAT 977” By Heinz Schaeffer. The incredible true story of Schaeffer’s German submarine U-977. At the end of World War II Schaeffer refused to surrender to the Allies and instead guided his U-977 for the safety of South America. Maps and illustrations, no photos. Paperback Good Cond. — $13.88


“U-BOAT COMMANDER” By Commander Gunther Prien. Commander Prien tells his incredible true story of U-47 in World War II. The famous German submarine skipper sinks the British battleship Royal Oak in Scapa Flow. No photos. Paperback edition. Good Cond. — $29.88


“The U-BOAT OFFENSIVE 1914 – 1945” By V.E. Tarrant. German U-boat’s in World War I and World War II. Packed with 116 black and white photos from both world wars. Maps and diagrams. Large Softbound edition. Sale priced Fair + + + Cond. — $11.95


“UNDERSEAS VICTORY – Part I” 1941-1943: Against The Odds. By W.J. Holmes. Documenting the outstanding efforts of American submarines during World War II. A true blow-by-blow account. No photos. Paperback edition, hard to find. Good Cond. — $22.95


“UNDERSEAS VICTORY – Part II” 1943-1945: The Tide Turns. The gallant men of the Silent Service had fought and often died, virtually alone in the far reaches of the Pacific. Against an implacable foe–but now their time of glory was near. Paperback edition, hard to find. Good Cond. — $22.95


“U.S. SUBMARINES In WORLD WAR II” An Illustrated History. By Larry Kimmett and Margaret Regis. Brings to life the extraordinary American undersea campaign with maps, photos, unique drawings, and illustrations. Softbound edition.  Good Cond. — $29.88


“WAR FISH” By George Grider. Arguably one of the best submarine books to come out of World War II. Grider saw action aboard submarines; Wahoo, Pollack, Hawkbill and Flasher. Paperback edition, no photos or maps.Good Cond. — $29.88


“There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway


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